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Create your own ambience

It is not only colour that makes its mark on your interior. But the degree of gloss in the finish of your paint also defines the character of your rooms. With the Cachemire designer paint collection from Mathys®, you create the ambience that fits you best. Taste and temperament—that is what matters.

Cachemire Mat Intense

Cachemire Mat Intense conceals imperfections and absorbs reflections. This durable, high-quality paint provides perfect coverage and imparts incomparable beauty. Mat Intens gives your room a soft and gentle look.


Cachemire Mat Velours

Feel like something a bit more ‘chic’? Cachemire Mat Velours, with its subtle gloss, creates an unparalleled dimension. Cachemire Mat Velours is washable, provides perfect coverage and is of outstanding quality.


Cachemire Laque Mate

Cachemire Laque Mate is a water-soluble, high-quality enamel paint with a subtle and surprising matt finish. The final touch for that extra dimension.


A heart for nature

All Cachemire paints are water-based and have a low VOC content. In other words, paint with a heart for the environment. Without compromising on quality.


3 effects, 3 times richer

The demand for vivid, dynamic aspects has never been greater. That is why Mathys® has rounded out its Cachemire® collection with 3 original effects.

Cachemire Sable

The matt, velvety Cachemire Sable wall paint with sand structure creates a warm, natural effect. Cachemire Sable is suitable for all styles, from traditional to modern. Thanks to its fine texture, this paint conceals minor imperfections.


Cachemire Metallic

Cachemire Metallic imparts a radiant and vivid effect. This paint, formulated with real metal powder, is ideal for small surfaces, such as frames, furniture and decorative objects. But this versatile paint is also suitable for walls and ceilings. Cachemire Metallic is available in gold, silver and bronze. With the Cachemire Metallic Vernis you can give any colour a warm, intense glow. The gel varnish is infused with metallic particles and instantly creates a spectacular effect.


Cachemire Beton

The cool, robust concrete look is no longer only reserved for shops, warehouses and large spaces. The imitation concrete look now also has a place in private homes. Cachemire Beton fits perfectly in modern interiors. Thanks to the many colours of the Cachemire Beton range, your interior also gets the personal touch.