ColourShop® Advice

image ColourShop® Advice

Do you wish to prepare a colour advice quickly and accurately?

Register now at the Mathys ColourShop Advice website. Your customer will see the final result before the painting project commences. Prepare your photographs via this ColourShop Advice website and you can develop an unlimited number of colour advices.

In 3 steps:

  • Upload your photos
  • Create your colour advice
  • Advise your customers

You no longer need to purchase, download or install software! The Internet allows you to access your personal account directly! Your project photos and colour advice will be stored in a database and regularly backed up, so that nothing is ever lost.

Own Account

You can register yourself on the ColourShop Advice website via this page. After you enter your details and create your account, a password will be sent to you via email, with which you can immediately start uploading your photos for preparation. Picario provides photo preparation as a paid service at a fixed and affordable price per photo. As soon as the photos are processed (within five working days), you will receive an e-mail and you can immediately start creating your own colour advice, with your own logo and address.

Curious? Try it yourself !