The calling card of a home or building: the facade of course!

Facades have a lot to endure from sun, moss, wind, moisture, molds and even construction defects. For this reason Mathys® developed an extensive range of paints and coatings that optimally protect every facade. Including warranty, so you can count for a top performance.

5 to 10 years GUARANTEE on the Mathys® systems

3 simple steps to get the guarantee:

  1. 1. Ask the Mathys® representative for technical advice
  2. 2. Perform the work correctly as described in the technical advice
  3. 3. The guarantee certificate will be delivered to you after checking and approval of the work performed according to the official prescription from Mathys® NV.

Waterproof warranty

With Murfill® products you are guaranteed a lasting beautiful result.
Mathys® offers you various guarantee systems.

  • • Murfill® Waterproofing Coating
    10-year product warranty or 10-year insured Euracor guarantee
  • • Murfill® Renovation Paint
    5 + 5* year guarantee
  • • Murfill® RP Siloxan NF
    10-year product guarantee

The guarantee procedures are available on request.

* Extension after checking. To be able to claim this guarantee, you must rely on a technical adviser from Mathys®. For more information about our warranty conditions you can always contact your paint wholesaler or the technical and commercial services from Mathys®.


An elastic, crack bridging and waterproofing façade coating. The microporous structure ensures that the base is constantly able to breathe.

  • • 400% Elastic
  • • Waterproof and water vapour permeable
  • • Excellent resistance against ageing in normal and industrial environment
  • • Protects reinforced concrete against carbonisation and corrosion
  • • Can be combined with Murfill® fleece for additional mechanical reinforcement and for bridging of (active) cracks


Matt and long-lasting elastic renovation paint. Ideal for renovation and decoration of historical and new buildings.

  • • > 500 % elastic
  • • Lasting elasticity till -30°C
  • • Water vapour permeable
  • • Matt aspect
  • • Excellent resistance against aging and contamination
  • • Protects against carbonatation
  • • Permanently prevents and repairs all micro cracks


Very matt elastic renovation coating for exterior walls based on acrylates-siloxanes.

  • • Excellent resistance to aging and pollution
  • • Self-cleaning, hydrophobic
  • • Pearly effect
  • • Water vapor permeable
  • • Very good coverage
  • • Mineral mat aspect
  • • Elastic film


Long lasting elastic and waterproof wall protection with quartz structure.

  • • Excellent resistance against ageing in normal and industrial environment
  • • Waterproof and water vapour permeable
  • • Elastic
  • • Protects steel reinforced concrete against carbonization and corrosion


Colourless impregnating primer based on acrylic hydrosols.

  • • High fixing capacity


Acrylic exterior wall paint with high covering power acrylic paint for outside and inside use.

  • • High durability
  • • Perfect saponification resistance
  • • Particularly high covering capacity
  • • Sufficiently breathing (water vapour permeable)
  • • Hardly permeable to rain Excellent weather resistance


Excellent covering universal paint for outside work. Extremely suitable for durable decoration of woodwork, metal, bricks, plastic, concrete and more. New or already painted.

  • • Matt universal paint for the outdoors
  • • Usable on all surfaces, such as bricks, gutters, wood, aluminium, etc.
  • • Colour and weatherproof for long-term protection
  • • Protection of the dried coat against contamination by mould
  • • Primer and finishing coat in one
  • • Water-vapour permeable
  • • Quick drying, recoatable in 1 hour


Provides a substrate with uniform absorption and colour.

  • • Reinforces the substrate and reduces absorption
  • • Neutralises differences in absorption characteristics
  • • Prevents differences in the glossiness of the topcoat
  • • Very good hiding characteristics
  • • Improves topcoat adhesion
  • • Water vapour permeability


Latex paint for interior and exterior protection.

  • • Mat appearance
  • • Easy cleanability
  • • Easy to apply
  • • Good hiding

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