Colour cards

Colour is emotion

Colour impacts our feelings – and even our emotions. Nevertheless, many people still underestimate the effect paint colours have on a space. The Mathys® professional paint experts will gladly assist you with paint advice for selecting ‘the right colour’.

Guided by Nature

Face it, which painter doesn't like to know the latest trends in colours? Luckily, this Lookbook holds all the top colour trends, so you know what to keep on your radar.

Let’s break ’em down, shall we? Recreate spring colours with our "nature trends" thanks to our suggestions like Aquarium Imagine 56A03. Scroll through our lookbook below and find out what other colours are defining your nature inspired interior.

Face it, which painter doesn't like to know the latest trends in colours? Luckily, The lookbook "Guided by nature", gives you a full overview of all the in-house spring trends and top colours for 2022. All are now shown with a Monthly colour advice so you know what to keep on your radar.

Download the lookbook here

Colorist is a colour assortment for outer walls. It contains 297 colours in 33 colour groups, based on natural colours such as natural stone, earth, sand and clay. Each of these 33 basic colours has an added colour range of three secondary shades. Another five intense detail colours are added to the basic and secondary colours.  

The Cachemire range was expertly put together by experienced colour specialists. Always on a quest for new nuances, they designed a palette of 120 colours that will give you an idea of what Cachemire can mean for your home. Colours that can give your interior an almost palpable aura.  The colours are even more vibrant and create more ambience when they are combined. Will you choose colours from the same colour group or go for a bolder combination of one or more contrast colours? Whatever you choose to do, the result will always be stunning.

Discover the Cachemire® collection

The cool, robust concrete look is no longer only reserved for shops, warehouses and large spaces. The imitation concrete look now also has a place in private homes. Cachemire Beton fits perfectly in modern interiors. Thanks to the many colours of the Cachemire Beton range, your interior also gets the personal touch. The concrete colour card is a selection of 13 colours.

The matt, velvety Cachemire Sable wall paint with sand structure creates a warm, natural effect. Cachemire Sable is suitable for all styles, from traditional to modern. Thanks to its fine texture, this paint conceals minor imperfections.  The fan deck of cachemire sable is a selection of 56 colours.

A selection of more than 400 colours, especially designed for the exterior wall range from Mathys®. The colours are applicable in both traditional and contemporary architecture. A perfect tool that helps to harmonize façade colours with the surroundings. 

The elements fan deck collects a thoughtful presentation of 180 colours, capturing traditional colour choices as well as contemporary ideas and trends in interior and exterior decoration. elements is a new and unique colour collection from Mathys®, inspired by the need for a reproducible and light stable colour selection, denoting advantages of quality, stability and durability. Modern pigmentation has allowed the elements range to encompass not only the typical earth colours, but to push the colour boundaries to include a fuller more comprehensive use of colour space. An easy accessible layout and notation makes the elements range a powerful tool for selecting colours for any paint project. The elementsfan deck has been produced using a semi plaster type finish giving a greater feel of a real mat finished surface. The colours reproduced in the fan deck are also made with the actual colorants used within our ColourShop2 tinting system ensuring continuity between colour sample, colour tint and with the finished product*.

* Whilst every effort has been made to reproduce the colours as closely as possible to the actual paint, it should be noted that colour appearance may vary by degree of gloss, texture, size and area of application, lighting and method of application, as well as by exposure to heat and light and the age of the colour sample itself.

Your own fantasy determines the limits of this collection. ImagineTM contains more than 1,200 contemporary as well as traditional colours, both for inside and outside use. The inspiration source for ImagineTM is real life. No colour computing, no digital tricks.