About econature

Health and well-being

Many people make an effort to limit their effect on the environment in a bid to make our surroundings healthier. They insulate their homes, build passive houses, install solar panels, purchase eco-friendly products and consume in moderation. This is how they try to reduce their carbon footprint. Mathys also cares about the environment. We try to limit our impact on the environment by excluding or drastically reducing the amount of dangerous chemicals used in our paint.

A number of chemicals are added to paint to help improve certain characteristics. These chemicals are known as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) as they evaporate quickly and easily.

VOCs are a serious threat to the environment and air quality. They are a danger to the health of painters and employees using them. Furthermore, they are also dangerous to people living and working in the area which has been painted as they will inhale the VOCs for weeks after the painting work has been completed.

However, as the main concern here is the environment and health; Mathys feels that each VOC particle that evaporates is one too many.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Our priority is sustainable production. This is the reason why, for many years, we have invested a lot of time and money in the ecological aspect of our paint production. How do we do it? We have reduced our CO2 emission, installed special water purification systems, collect all production waste etc.

Econature stands for sustainable entrepreneurship with respect for:

  • the environment,
  • the well-being of our employees,
  • the painter who uses our products
  • the consumers

Mathys' econature is a way of life and a vision. It is our way of making society more sustainable. We want to make sure that our children and grandchildren grow up in a healthy and green world.

Your benefits:

  • Waterbased: scentless, less VOCs, can be diluted using water, materials can be washed using soap and water.
  • Scentless
  • Safe to use
  • Safe for the environment

Econature is a full range of paint for interior walls, ceilings, wood, metal and floors.

Econature is comparable to all normal paints in regular conditions. Both when it comes to ease of use and results. It also comes in a wide variety of colours.

Wall paints with Ecolabel

Paint registered with the Ecolabel must meet a number of strict requirements:

  • It must be of top quality.
  • The paints must meet certain technical specifications such as coverage, wet scrub resistance.
  • They must be entirely free of heavy metals and other harmful substances.
  • There are limit values for air pollution, reduced sulphur emissions and the amount of waste generated in the production of these paints.

Mathys is constantly striving for improvement. When it comes to quality and service, but also when it comes to caring for the environment. Our efforts have been rewarded with the allocation of a European Ecolabel for part of our econature range. The recognition of our products means that they are less damaging to the environment during their entire life cycle without diminishing the safety of the products, endangering employees or making concessions when it comes to quality.

It is Mathys' goal to achieve the European Ecolabel for all its econature products.