Questions and answers

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Please find below some answers to frequently asked questions:

There is not much difference in the processing and application of the paints included in econature's range and normal paints. However, a professional painter, depending on their professional experience and the techniques used, will notice a difference when compared to using regular paints

The drying time of econature's entire range is comparable to regular paints. This is definitely the case for interior walls. However, drying times depend on the material painted, spatial and climatic factors.

There are always differences between different brands. 2 coats are usually sufficient. The coverage depends on the condition of the surface which will be painted. We recommend using a primer or fixer to prepare an untreated surface. Please note that certain bright colours may not cover as well. However, this is also the case for classic paints.

More expensive brands of paint usually provide better coverage. This means that you need less m² paint.
When comparing prices we recommend you first determine the number of m² you wish to paint. You can then calculate the number of litres you will need based on the coverage or yield (see packaging).
We believe you will find that the econature range is reasonably priced in comparison to regular types of paint.

We recommend you take the same precautions you would when using regular paint. This includes proper ventilation, the use of a high quality brush or roller, etc. The instructions are clearly listed on the packaging and technical label of each product. This information also tells you how to dispose of this type of paint. Surplus paint can be processed or recycled at your local waste disposal collection point.