Police office Harelbeke - Mathys Paracem Universal


Gysels Kortrijk

Paint company

David Lasuy

Description project

In March 2022 painter David Lasuy, who followed in his father's footsteps Dirk, was handed the paint job of renewing the police station of Harelbeke. The local police force has been stationed in a rented building. To show the local force is ready for duty, the building was given a matt black coating. With 25 years of experience, there was no better person for the job than painting company Lasuy. 

The project was executed in 4 days time with 90L of paint, provided by Gysels. The facade was cleaned with a high-pressure spray and at the entrance there was concrete paint removed. Afterwards David used a antimoss product and applied a primer of Mathys MurPrim S. To finish it off, 2 layers of Mathys Paracem Universal black RAL 9005 covered the final result. David says he’s a big fan of Paracem Universal because the product has a super coverage and the product flows like a charm.