Welcome to the world of Cachemire


Cachemire is a high-quality collection of designer paints from Mathys®. This luxurious range of paints is suffused with character. And lends ambience to every interior. Cachemire is suitable for walls as well as ceilings.


Instant ambience 

Cachemire is available in 3 finishes: Mat Intense, Mat Velours and Laque Mate. With no less than 120 paint colours, you have a myriad of options. Mix, combine, play—creating instant ambience in your home was never before this easy. 


Paint versus fashion

The name ‘cachemire’ was not chosen at random. This paint collection was inspired by ‘cashmere’, the soft, fine wool which is also often found in the world of fashion. Cachemire is to paint what this exquisite wool is to clothing: luxury, character and refinement. 

Allow yourself to be seduced by cachemire from Mathys®